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REMEMBER: Your main faculty must remain the same after changes to your Learning Agreement

Deadline: 1 month after the start of regular classes

- no changes in the on-line platform

- number of ECTS points to collect 25-30

- consult changes to your Learning Agreement with SUT’s Departmental Coordinator as well as with your Deparmental Coordinator at home university

- fill in the appopriate form and print it (you can find it here: Erasmus+ students, Exchange students)

- collect signatures of SUT’s Departmental Coordinators

- no matter if you want to add or delete a course - a signature of SUT’s Departmental Coordinator (an approval) is needed

- later deliver the document to:

  • Zuzanna Sadaj-Tyndyk -  exchange students from UE country
  • Monika Suchy - exchange students from non-EU country

- your changes to the Learning Agreement will be send to your home university and uploaded to your on-line profile