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1. Required number of ECTS points: 25-30 per semester.

2. During selection pay attention that some of courses are available in the winter semester (odd semester) or summer semester (even semester) only.

3. If you apply to more than 1 SUT's faculty, select the priority (main) faculty - the one with the biggest numer of ECTS points. In case of changes to the Learning Agreement the priority faculty must remain the same.

4. Limit the number of faculties to two to avoid timetable conflict.

5. Courses marked with asterisk * or optional ones may not be available during particular semester - to be confirmed at the beginning of semester by Departmental Coordinator.

6.  In order to learn about content of particular syllabi student should contact Departmental Coordinator.

7. The on-line platform is for recruitment only. In case of changes to the Learning Agreement the student should follow the procedure explained during Orientation Days.

8. If the Learning Agreement is accepted by the Departmental Coordinator, it will be send to you. You have to print and sign it, collect the signature of your home university and upload it to your on-line profile.

IMPORTANT - our experience shows that students have huge problems to follow academic plan composed at more faculties due to overlapping classes and different locations of faculties (note: the SUT is spread among 3 campuses, in 3 different  cities).