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Obligatory nomination letter from partner university must be e-mailed directly to and should contain:

- student’s full name and surname,

- gender,

- valid 1 e-mail address,

- study level (BSC, MSC, PHD),

- faculty at home university,

- receiving faculty at SUT,

- period of exchange.


•    During the first log-in student gets unique code, which should be saved for future reference.

•    The student can come back to the application many times, at any stages, before final click of the „submit”.

IMPORTANT - the student has to make sure that he/ she completed and submitted the application. Just creating an account in the system does not mean that application has been submitted.

•    The student has to find his/her home university from the list of partner universities.

•    Setting up the Learning Agreement (LA) proposal:

•    SUT’s offer is available for students accodring to bilateral agreements; so students see only coures where bilateral agreement is provided

•    required number of ECTS credits to be collected: 30ECTS per semester (in exceptional cases less, but minimum 25ECTS) of core study fields subjects (eventual credits collected for Polish language & culture course do not count to the main LA)

•    student may select courses from few faculties but to avoid timetable conflicts, it is strongly recommended to keep one faculty offer only. If not possible, limit the choice to maximum of 3 faculties study offer

IMPORTANT - our experience shows that students have huge problems to follow academic plan composed at more faculties due to overlapping classes and different locations of faculties (note: the SUT is spread among 3 campuses, in 3 different  cities).

•    in case courses selection from more than 1 faculty, the status of hosting faculty will be given to the one giving the biggest number of ECTS credits collected in student’s LA (so called „priority faculty”)

•    in case of changes made into the LA after arrival to SUT Gliwice, the priority faculty must remain the same

•    courses marked with * and optional may not be available in particular semester. To be confirmed at the beginning of semester by SUT's Departmental Coordinator

•    The SUT’s on-line platform is for recruitment only. In case changes during mobility the student should follow to the procedure pointed during Orientation Days.

•    in order to learn about content of particular syllabi student should contact Departmental Coordinator.

•    Files to be uploaded as obligatory attachments:

- biometrical photo to be used for student ID card (in JPG file; no selfies or photos from party!),

- scanned ID card/ passport (PDF file only),

- scanned Transcript of Records (PDF file only),

IMPORTANT - students with some failed courses cannot be accepted at SUT. Students with poor gardes can be rejected in favor of students with better grades. Thye fact that student had been nominated by home university does not mean SUT's acceptance.

- scanned English certificate (PDF file only), more information:

IMPORTANT – you can leave your medical info – student with medical difficulties/ disabled is asked to leave there information about illness, allergy, medical conditions and additional equipment needed in part „other”.

•    Room reservation in the SUT’s dormitory – in question „ Do you want to make room reservation” tick „yes” and under the question leave information about your preferences (if any):

- type of room (single/ double)

- roommate (full name and surname).

IMPORTANT - if option „yes” is typed the student agrees to pay dormitory deposit (200EUR). Student with „conditionally accepted” status get an invoice automatically generated from the system and check list items.

•    Only submitted applications are visible to the contact person of the International Mobility Office as administrator. If application is fine, all information & attachments are uploaded student get „positive feedback” status and profile is frozen for the time of checking by SUT’s Departmental Coordinator(s). If application is incompleted student get „feedback” status with information about missing information/ documents.

Applications with „positive feedback” are made available for Departmental Coordinator(s).

IMPORTANT – type of status availbale in the SUT’s on-line platform:

Unreplied (yellow) – freshly sumbitted by student application, to be checked by contact person from the International Mobility Office

Feedback (pink) – some work needs to be done (missing document or information); no acceptance

Positive fedback (pink) – well done work, application is made available for Departmental Coordinator, wait for an opinion;

Conditionally accepted (blue) – Departmenal Coordinator approved your application

Accepted (blue) – student uploaded Learning Agreement duly signed by Erasmus+ Coordinators

Failed (red) – very important information/ document is missing or study programme needs to be changed or students knowlegde and skills are too low to follow selected courses; follow to the information given in the e-mail; in case no student respond the status will remain the same and arrival to SUT is impossible (rejection);

Other (grey) – study programme needs to be changed during recrutiment; follow to the information received in the e-mail; no acceptance for arrival;

Arrived (yellow) - arrived

Enrolled (purple) – arrived & enrolled for courses

•    If the study programme is approved by SUT’s Departmental Coordinator the status of student is changed into „conditionally accepted”. An application is defrozen as well. Then e-Letter of Acceptance and Learning Agreement is uploaded to the student’s profile. The Learning Agreement should be duly signed (by Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator and Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator of student’s home University) and uploaded again - by student - to his/ her profile of the SUT’s on-line platform. Then status will change into „accepted”.

•    Student who needs to apply for Polish visa shall expect a paper version as well by courier services, but note that students from non-EU/ EFTA may be asked for additional documents confirming possibility of stay permission in Poland or the EU in general.

•    During on-line recruitment no paper documents are collected/ signed by our Office. The accepted student will have to deliver duly signed paper originals of his/ her Student Application form and LA to the International Mobility Office, just after arrival to SUT Gliwice – completing this task will define of Student’s Certificate of Arrival.