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1. Can you send me unique code to log-in to the platform?

The unique code is automatically generated by the system to e-mail address you wrote. Please keep this message in your in-box. In case you loose it contact person of the Mobility Office responsible for your matter.

2. I don't have passport, what should I do?

The passport number and page with photo (to be uploaded to profile) is needed for a person who are coming to Poland within visa. In case no passport put zeros as many as possible in the "passport number". It would be clear for the contact person of the International Mobility Office. After you get a passport upload page with your photo (PDF file, no photo) urgently.

3. What is the recruiting process?

Submitted (by student) application is visible for the main administrator - contact person from the International Mobility Office. Application is checked by this person firstly. In case some missing documents or information an e-mail is generated from the system with a list of tasks to do as well as deadline and status are marked respectively (see point 5). If application is fine from the formal point of view it is frozen (no possibility to change anything in the profile by the student) and flagged (is made available) to Departmental Coordinator(s). An application/ profile is frozen to avoid any not permitted changes which student would like to do while checking by Departmental Coordinator. In case some change in the study programme are recommended by Departmental Coordinator, an application/ profile is defrozen and deadline for changes is given.

If selected study programme consist of courses from few faculties, it must be approved by few Departmental Coordinators. The main faculty (number of ECTS points are counted from each faculty; main faculty = the biggest number of ECTS points) change respectively your status.

The International Mobility Office encourage and strongly suggest to limit the number of faculties selected in the study programme to make easier and quicker the recruitment and to avoid timetable conflicts which do happend after arrival to SUT. Many students are in trouble when they get schedule from few faculties and realize they have e.g. 2 courses and the same time. If you don't have function "bilocation" turned on changes to Learning Agreement must be done as soon as possible.

Select your study programme keeping in mind our advices as we want to make your Erasmus+ stay as nice & easy as possible.

4. I received e-mail with information "failed", what should I do?

There are several important reasons of getting "failed" status. Please follow to the remarks (received in the e-mail) about your application and take urgent care of missing points or things which must be changed.

5. What are types of status in the on-line platform?

Feedback - some work needs to be done (missing document or information); no acceptance;

Positive feedback - done well work, application is made available for Departmental Coordinator, wait for an opinion;

Conditionally accepted - Departmenal Coordinator approved your application, Learning Agreement a dn Letter of Acceptance in PDF file will be generated to your profile; downolad & print the Learning Agreement and collect signatures of Erasmus Coordinators of your home university; if done, upload duly signed document (in PDF file, no photo); your status will change into "accepted";

Failed - very important information/ document is missing or study programme needs to be changed; follow to the information given in the e-mail; in case no respond the status will remain the same and your arrival to SUT is impossible (no acceptance);

Other - follow to the information received in the e-mail; no acceptance for your arrival;

Arrived - changed after your arrival to SUT;

Enrolled - arrived & enrolled for courses.

6. Is it necessary to upload a photo?

Yes, your biometirical (the same type as for passport) photo is needed - in case acceptance it will be used for student ID card. That's the reason why photo from party or selfie is not accepted.

7. I want to make room reservation in the dormitory, do I have to send Accommodation form?

There's no need to send or upload the Accommodation form. Tick box "yes" in the part "other" just under the question about medical info. If you have some room preferences, list them in the box for comments. We will do our best to follow your suggestions as far as possible.

8. I want to stay in the "Karlik" dormitory, what I have to do?

Please follow to point 6 however mind that number of places in each dormitory is limited. Students are locted according to: number of free places, main faculty and left preferences. As the "Karlik" dormitory belongs to the SUT's Faculty of Mining & Geology the priority have students accepted from mentioned faculty. In case free places other students can get a room there.

9. I want to pay for dormitory deposit, where can I find bank data information?

An invoice will be generated to your e-mail address when your status will change into "accepted". You can make a payment before or after arrival to SUT (deadline: 7th days after your arrival).

10. I received an e-mail to delete Student Application and Learning Agreement from my profile.

It is not expected to upload the Student Application from and Learning Agreement as all necessary information are in your profile. If your home university requires to get such documents after arrival to Gliwice collect signatures of SUT's Erasmus Coordinators, firstly visit Departmental Coordinator(s) and then International Mobility Office*. When the documents are duly signed the scanned version will be sent to your e-mail, originals directly to your home university.

*concerns only students with "conditionally accepted" status at least.

11. I want to select courses from the Faculty of Energy & Environmental Science but I cannot see them in the platform.

Accodring to bilateral agreement signed between universities student can select courses from SUT's faculty/ faculties. If you don't see courses, e.g. from the Faculty of Energy & Environmental Science it means that this faculty is not listed in the agreement. An annex, extending the cooperation, to the bilateral agreement is necessary to prepare by your home university.

12. I apply for 2 semesters but on-line platform allow me to select courses from 1 semester only.

The bilateral agreement is signed for student, coming for 1 semester only. SUT's Departmental Coordinator must agree to do the changes. According to the decision of Departmental Coordinator the settings in the on-line platform will be changed.

13. I bought a ticket to Poland but I did not get Letter of Acceptance.

The SUT expects arrival of students who had been accepted, with the status "conditionally accepted" at least. Travel arrangements can be done by student who has (in the profile) Letter of Acceptance and Learning Agreement.